Boarding … don’t take my word for how brilliant it is – read about it from our boarders!

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I loved my boarding days. I only boarded in the Sixth Form – and wished I had done more boarding, but my two years gave me the chance to focus on my school work (with teachers being around if necessary to help) sports and music and be around my friends more, as well as enjoy trips to town for coffee and shopping during the week and then eighteenth birthday parties in the local pubs too. Weekends were quiet,  but because we did not have trips at all  we did not feel we were missing out on anything. I loved the fact that as a Sixth Former we could come down to the dining room at breakfast on the weekends in pj’s at any time of the morning and collect our breakfast box to have food in the common room whenever we wanted it. I loved my room and the view looking out onto the sports pitches. I loved the weekends popping into to town and meeting up with friends, or playing in a hockey match and then going home. I loved the chance to spend hours playing the piano to my hearts content at school in one of the many practice rooms dotted everywhere and not just in the music department. I loved Sunday nights when everyone would be back together and we would all watch whatever programme – Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth is my greatest memory – on a Sunday night before the start of the week and catch up from the weekend.

Boarding was a fantastic experience, and my parents only lived five minutes away from school so I did not need to be a boarder. But it gave me the chance to focus on studies, be responsible for my own space, do my own washing, organise myself, get on with a lot of different people in close proximity – a very important lesson for life, really allow me to , and enjoy spending more time with friends and be independent in preparation for life after school. The best days of my life in fact.

Twenty years on what is it like now? Here’s what some of our boarders say:

“I have boarded for seven years. My father is the in the forces, and boarding was the best option for a more stable schooling for me. At first, it was the most terrifying thing I have ever done, leaving family and friends for a new experience and not having them around. When I arrived, the homely nature of the boarding house – making cakes, watching films, playing games – helped to make me feel at home within this strange new world, and making new friends was the icing on the cake. Seven years later, I absolutely love it! It’s the best thing ever because I have grown up with all the people I first met with and as a Senior Boarder we have a lot more freedom including going out for birthdays, enjoying less restrictions in the house and there are so many trips to enjoy like paint balling and quad biking. My advice to a new boarder: it may be hard in the beginning, but it gets a lot better. Just hang in there!” Lauren Amy, aged 17.










“Boarding is great. I have been a boarder for over three years at Abbotsholme now, and before that a boarder in my previous school too. When I began here as a boarder, it was a hard to begin with but I got used to it and now boarding is amazing. We have a stag of the week award (for good behaviour and kind deeds), birthday treats, movie night and cool trips. The house parents are fab, and the mega new TV and games room is awesome. I like it more than home sometimes cos there are no arguments as long as you follow the rules but the rules aren’t too much of a nightmare and the boys house is quite a cool place to be. Next year we are getting a brand new loft space with bar (for soft drinks and popcorn), mixing decks and a cool space to socialise with the girls. We will have disco nights and share movie nights and the new 65 inch TV will be awesome for this. Seb, aged 15

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