Round Square … and Brexit.

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It is nearly two weeks since the country decided on Brexit.

As a Round Square School, committed to an International outlook, the School overwhelmingly voted to ‘Remain’ by 69%.

The founder of Round Square, Kurt Hahn took many of his ideals from Abbotsholme, and the school along with 13 other schools around the UK, work to continue his ethos in their international outlook.

The IDEALS that Kurt Hahn espoused were those of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service, and as an international school welcoming a variety of pupils from all over the world we will continue to do that as Britains exit for the EU starts to happen.

Abbotsholme – like every Round Square school in the UK and the world – encourages its pupils to live these ideals everyday for pupils to work towards a more inclusive, tolerant and fair future for everyone throughout the world.

Brexit has shown to cause real disruption not just because of the passion displayed by both sides of the vote, but also because of the close nature of the vote and one side feeling very hard done by. Additionally, the upheaval within our political system and the ‘political shenanigans’ that have gone on since, really make a grown person look in sheer disbelief at the people that run this country! I sometimes think our pupils could do a better job!

Thankfully, Abbotsholme like many other Independent Schools, are working to ensure our overseas agents, partners, families and alumni know they are always welcome whatever the political situation. Kurt Hahn wanted young people to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect. Uniting the younger generation through these six ideals and compassion was central to his thinking. Click here to read more.

As Round Square says on its website: At Round Square we care passionately about what happens in the future to our world and to the fascinating variety of cultures and communities it supports. We want those communities to thrive and prosper and care about each other in mutual cooperation.That’s quite a challenge. As educators we believe that we have a responsibility to shape the way in which the next generation of business, political and community leaders understand, prepare for, and respond to, this challenge. What an amazing ideal for the future!

So it is up to the next generation to make internationalism work for everyone. Round Square schools need to pave the way to show how partnership can really work well. Brexit is sure to happen, but the younger generation must work hard to ensure both sides work together for a better future with our European and World partners.

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